Welcome to the city!  One small part of it, at least.  We’ve slowly crawled our way out of the borderlands.  In the interest of picking up the pace, I am hoping to increase the update schedule!  But it’s a bit convoluted.  Here goes:


While I can definitely produce at least one comic a week, I don’t know if I can reliably make two.  However, since a once-a-week update is painfully slow for storytelling, I am hoping to update three times every two weeks.  Needlessly complicated, I know.  But here’s how it will go: I will always update every Friday.  Guaranteed!  But I will occasionally have a bonus update on Tuesdays; hopefully every other week will have an extra strip.


With luck and practice, I plan to eventually update every Tuesday/Friday.  In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the occasional extra panels, and if you come in on a Friday and feel like you’ve missed something… you probably have!  Don’t be afraid to look back a few pages and see if I’ve added more while you weren’t looking.


Thank you again for reading!